I wish to see responsible development that provides the community with enhanced amenities without undesirable consequences. Our parks and outdoor recreation are notable characteristics of Lakeway, even more now since the pandemic. I support the preservation, maintenance, upgrade and expansion of our green spaces. We should evaluate fire risks associated with our extensive green spaces and take appropriate steps to reduce such risk and ensure safety of our citizens.

Specifically, I hope to:

  • Preserve the character of the city and ensure that any development is beneficial to residents and local businesses.

  • In any development plan, consider:

    • ​Input from all perspectives of the community, without being swayed by a vocal minority;

    • Relevant information;

    • Short-term and long-term consequences;

    • Factors that affect day-to-day life;

    • Evaluation of all available alternatives; and

    • Financial costs or benefits for the city.

  • Leverage private-public partnerships to arrive at win-win outcomes.

  • Ensure that infrastructure development within the city's control is a cost-effective use of taxpayer money.

  • Preserve Lakeway as a desirable place to live.


We have all experienced the increase in traffic around Lakeway. To address this, I plan to:

  • Work with the Texas Department of Transportation (“TxDOT”) for improved traffic flow and safety on RR620 and connecting roads, such as Flint Rock Road and Serene Hills Drive.

  • Work with Lake Travis Independent School District (“LTISD”) to evaluate the possibility of reducing congestion by introducing a shuttle service from a future park-and-ride lot.

  • Implement a plan with community input for enhanced street connectivity inside the city.

  • Consider potential traffic issues in any major development plans and explore road networks as part of the plans.

  • Work with neighboring municipalities to implement plans that enhance traffic flow.


I am an animal lover but also understand the need for keeping the deer population in check. Overcrowding of deer can cause numerous problems, including:

  • Vehicle collisions

  • Lyme disease

  • Landscape and garden damage 

  • Habitat degradation

  • Declining deer herd health

  • Public safety


Deer are property of the state of Texas and any deer-control measures have to be approved by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department ("TPWD"). A number of deer-control measures approved by TPWD, such as hunting, sharpshooting, trapping and translocating, fencing, etc. are either impractical or cost-prohibitive to be used as deer control measures. Controlling the deer population is a necessity to preserve our lifestyle and reduce enhanced risks for the residents. We should investigate alternate means of controlling the deer population that may be available and are more humane. If the new mechanisms involve increased costs and there is a need for broader community input, I will support presenting a referendum to the residents of Lakeway.


I will take the following steps to help increase trust and transparency in local governance:

  • When faced with a choice, lean towards an outcome that incorporates "this" AND "that" instead of "this" OR "that."

  • Serve and lead with integrity.

  • Listen to residents through forums and events and incorporate their advice in my decisions.

  • Be open and transparent in the decision making process, providing the rationale and justification for my decisions.

  • Discourage divisive and personal attacks and encourage respectful dialogue.

  • Serve the whole community, not just a segment of the population.

  • Always vote my conscience for what is best for the whole community.


Currently, Lakeway faces a unique financial situation.

  • The city expects increased growth driven by our attractive lifestyle, extensive green spaces, proximity to Lake Travis, excellent school system and growing hospital and associated medical facilities.

  • We must ensure that the tax burden on the residents remain at an affordable level while providing high quality of city services.

  • A growing population necessitates expanding city services to maintain excellency.

  • The city may need to make further investments to resolve current issues such as traffic and maintenance, expansion and upkeep of our parks and trails and city facilities.  We also need to be prepared to resolve issues that have yet to present themselves.

  • In absence of commercial growth in the city, the burden of such costs will fall on the residents of the city.

  • We should consider incentivizing private developments to create added benefit for residents without increasing property taxes through public-private projects where possible.


Lakeway residents have consistently demanded high standards for safety and security and our safe community has been a factor in attracting new residents to the city. The Lakeway police department ranks high among similar localities in independent reports. The budget and policies adopted by the Lakeway Police should be continually monitored to ensure a continued high level of service to the community.


I believe the new police station will serve the needs of the community for the foreseeable future. Of course, further investments in the police force and their policies for keeping the city safe and interactions with the community may need to be addressed as the city grows. We should continually evaluate the policies and procedures in place and the necessary budget for the police department to ensure it is aligned with the needs of the community.


Local businesses face challenges in hiring and retaining employees. Part of this is because employees working in our local businesses often don't live near their place of work or enjoy the benefits of our community. Specifically, I plan to:

  • Encourage commercial development in areas already identified for such to increase the revenue base and offset a property tax burden on residents.

  • Afford employees in local businesses the opportunity to live near their place of work and enjoy the benefits of our community, thereby helping to resolve local business owners’ issues in hiring and retaining help.

  • Analyze benefits and drawbacks of medium-density residential development in the ETJ.