I am a fiscal conservative and believe that as a representative of the people, effective use of tax-payer’s money is an even higher responsibility than managing one’s own personal finances. In making decisions, we must ensure that the tax burden on residents remains at an affordable level while providing high quality of city services.  The city should invest in areas that the residents value. The city also faces additional expenditures to resolve our other big issues such as traffic, maintenance, expansion and upkeep of our parks and trails, city facilities like activity center, swim center and some aging city infrastructure.


In absence of commercial growth in the city, the burden of such costs will fall on the residents of the city.  We can also expect continued increased growth in the community. This growth will further put a strain on expenditures associated with public safety, law and order, traffic and infrastructure requirements for the city.  Even issues such as deer control measures have a financial impact as the different mechanisms for managing deer population have varied associated.


Uncertainties associated with the consequences of COVID19 pandemic are still present.  We need t be prudent with our expenditures to ensure we do not cause extra burden on our residents who are already hurting from the effects of the pandemic.


Incentivizing private developments to create added benefit for the city residents without increased expenditure of tax-payer money should be evaluated as a means to offset expenditure of tax-payer dollars when possible.  Increased sales-tax as well as increased revenue from commercial activities in the city should be factored in as part of our fiscal plan. Directing development projects toward a positive outcome for Lakeway is a must.


We must partner with external organizations, such as TxDOT, Travis County Transportation Initiative, CAMPO and CARTPO to evaluate how we can devise plans to get the biggest return on any investments that the city makes.  If needed, the city should bring multiple parties together in a private-public partnership to defray the burden on the tax-payer funds for required development when and where that is a possibility.

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