I am an animal-lover and enjoy the abundant wildlife the city has, including our deer population.  I also understand the need for keeping the deer population in check, as the overcrowding of deer can cause numerous problems, including:


  • Deer/Vehicle Collisions

  • Lyme Disease

  • Landscape/Garden Damage

  • Habitat Degradation

  • Declining Deer Herd Health

  • Public Safety


We have had a moratorium in place on deer trappings for the last few years. I support humane treatment of all animals and continued monitoring of our herd with annual surveys so if needed we can make prudent decisions to ensure the safety and health of our herd.


Lakeway residents enjoy our green spaces, hiking and biking trails, parks, and water activities.  It is one of the notable characteristics of our city and as per a recent survey by the Parks and Recreation department, it is of high importance to the residents. I will continue to support the preservation, maintenance, upgrade and expansion of our green spaces. I will do so with due consideration to any fire risks associated with having extensive vegetation, though, as we all recall the experience a few years back in Bastrop and Steiner Ranch area. We have adopted our Master Parks plan recently and I plan to continue to support our Parks and Recreation department with informed citizens in the community and fire control experts to ensure that we keep our green spaces and take measures to keep us safe from catastrophic events like wildfires.

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