For the infrastructure projects in the city’s control, we need to understand the costs involved. We must have a plan to fund the infrastructure development necessary to preserve Lakeway as a desirable place to live. Any improvement must serve the needs of our residents by providing them the lifestyle we have come to expect for the foreseeable future.


The city needs to be proactive in generating the plans for the projects within its control and start engaging with residents and business owners to finalize the schedules and the projects themselves. Community participation is a must so that the city can understand the perspectives of the people who will be impacted most: Lakeway residents and business owners.


I plan to communicate the issues to residents and business owners and encourage them to get involved so that we can collectively formulate plans that will benefit the whole community.


A large number of infrastructure projects that will have a major impact on the city are outside Lakeway’s control. In these cases, I intend to encourage finding avenues to work with the appropriate organizations to influence decisions that are aligned with our objectives. For example, in order to resolve some of the traffic issues, we need to work with and lobby external entities, such as:

  • TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation)

  • CARTPO (Capital Area Regional Transport Planning Organization)

  • CAMPO (Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization)

  • Travis County Transportation Initiative

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